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Announcing our annual fund raising campaign to promote the on-going activities of the centre, as well as our new centre building project!

All teachings & events at CKSL are made available on a strict donation-only basis: no one is turned away for lack of funds. Participants, however, are encouraged to contribute according to their means towards the cost of the venue, hosting our Venerable Teachers, study materials, refreshments, other overheads, as well as for the regular weekend programs and other activities hosted by the centre.

In order to benefit more and more people who need lasting peace and happiness, Choe Khor Sum Ling Centre on the advice of our spiritual director, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche is in the process of looking for our own land and building. Please consider contributing for our building project as well.

Donations Can Be Made Through

1. Online Transfer to Our Indian Bank Account

NAME: Choe Khor Sum Ling
Please send an email to skyshanti@cksl.in when you make the transfer.

2. Cheque Drawn in Favor of- Choe Khor Sum Ling

3. Cash Donations at the Centre

4. Our Friends Abroad- Please get in touch with our Centre Director, Shanti Yajnik at skyshanti@cksl.in for ways you can help.

Choe Khor Sum Ling has been made possible through extraordinary kindness and blessings of our precious gurus and generosity of the sponsors whom we cannot thank enough. Now available for the benefit of all sentient beings the Centre requires funds and manpower to keep the various activities running.

You Can Also Support Us By

1. Covering Our Operating Expenses
Our monthly operating expenses comprise of rent, utility bills, expenses for organizing teachings, printing handout materials, brochures and refreshments provided during the teachings.

To cover these expenses we need regular funds, so we will be grateful if you consider a monthly pledge support.

2. Purchasing Books for the Library
Please contact CKSL centre manager if you wish to contribute in this area.

3. Funding Meditation Retreats
Since we do not have our own meditation retreat facilities, we organize the retreats at the premises of other organizations. Even though fees charged for the retreat cover only the costs actually incurred, some Dharma students find the expenses prohibitively high. If you would like to sponsor such a student's stay, you are most welcome to do so.

Contributions of any size are appreciated and will be judiciously utilized.

4. Volunteering at CKSL
We need committed & proactive volunteers to carry forward the projects of the Centre, both small & large. These activities include planning and managing the teachings, retreats and other activities, audio & video recordings of the teachings, design & printing posters and invites, posters distribution, public relations, fundraising, clerical tasks.


Pledgers Group

It is possible to set up monthly donations to the CKSL account. There are already five members on this Pledgers' list. Please contact skyshanti@cksl.in for details; even as little as 1,000 rupees a month will go along way to accumulation of your merit and will help CKSL succeed. There will be an annual puja organized for the Pledgers.

Long-term plans

One of the crucial factors for the long term financial stability of the Centre is purchase of property to house the Centre, accommodate resident and visiting lamas (teachers) and provide conducive environment for meditation retreats, study and practice. A permanent home is understandably essential to our long-term viability, and your contributions towards this goal help lay an important foundation for the future.

To contribute checks can be made payable to Choe Khor Sum Ling and sent to the Centre's address:
No. 24, 1st floor,
3rd Main St,
Domlur Layout 1st stage,
Bangalore 560 071

If you would like your contributions to be used for a particular purpose, kindly mention it in the covering letter.

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