The Center maintains a well equipped library with a wide collection of Dharma related books. These books cover English translations of commentaries of the important root texts and scriptures, essays by Tibetan, Indian and Western scholars, prayers and a whole range of other Dharma related topics.

The Library has books from all the major schools of Buddhism. The Library also subscribes to several Dharma periodicals and magazines.

The Library currently has over 1,300 books and the collection of books is growing by the day.

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Audio & Video Resources

The Center's Library also stocks Dharma related audios and videos. An example is the series of videos on Discovering Buddhism.


There are a total of 14 subject areas within the Discovering Buddhism program. These subject areas are:

  1. Mind & Its Potential
  2. Establishing a Daily Practice
  3. How to Meditate
  4. Samsara and Nirvana
  5. Presenting the Path
  6. How to Develop Bodhicitta
  7. The Spiritual Teacher
  8. Transforming Problems
  9. Death and Rebirth
  10. Wisdom of Emptiness
  11. All about Karma
  12. Introduction to Tantra
  13. Refuge in the Three Jewels
  14. Special Integration Experiences
Apart from this series of videos the library also has A-V recordings of other Dharma teachings given by various teachers and Lamas.


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