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Our curriculum is designed to give people a firm foundation in the basics of Buddhist meditation techniques, Buddhist philosophy and practices. We offer instruction and practical guidance on a rich variety of meditations including Vipassana (analytical), Samadhi (concentration) and Metta (loving kindness). The philosophy teachings are based on Nalanda Buddhist tradition, as expounded by the great Nalanda Pandits. Teachings at CKSL are mostly conducted on weekends.

We have qualified teachers from the Sera Je Monastic University - Bylakupe, who lead these weekend teachings. In order to clarify the key points of practice on the spiritual path, our teachers give accessible explanation of the main philosophical texts, accompanied by lively discussions. We perform pujas and group prayer sessions that give people opportunities to collect positive merit- the source of all happiness and success. To give people a substantial experience of the profound insight and inner peace that is achieved through Buddhist meditations, we host intensive residential weekend retreats. We also organize teaching events by some of the greatest living Buddhist masters who embody the essence of Dharma.


CKSL provides a conducive welcoming environment to all. Everyone is welcome to attend the centre programs and activities. There is a well stocked library of Dharma books which can be loaned against a library membership. Regular attendees at the centre include a lively group of kind, open-minded Indians, Tibetans and foreigners. All our events are free and open to the public.

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  • FPMT Basic Program - Mind And Cognition

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